Debora Spina Belly Dance

Dancer, instructor, choreographer, and director of Portal do Egito -Dance Studio. Débora Spina began dancing at the young age of 3 starting with Ballet and Jazz. Then in 2001, she fell in love with the art of Belly Dance.

Débora enjoys and shares with everyone the power of transformation that dancing provides, always creating something innovative, and showing her passion for the art. Her work as an instructor and director of Portal do Egito is now known not only in Brazil but also on an international level.  Chronologically, in 2011 through 2015, Débora Spina visited Argentina for workshops and shows with various Belly Dance icons. Since 2012, she has been promoting the annual Belly Dance FlashMob.  In October 2012, she traveled to Dubai for 1 month to promote her dance shows.  From 2012 through 2017, Débora organized and choreographed belly dance and samba mixes for a Carnival parade in the city of Jundiaí / SP.  In 2014, her dance group had the honor to be invited and participated in the Rio de Janeiro Carnival parade representing the city of Jundiaí.  Still, in 2014, Débora hosted her 3rd Special Portal do Egito Show with the American ballerina Sadie Marquardt.  In 2014 and 2015, Débora toured Europe attending several belly dancing courses and workshops.  While in Brazil, she was invited to present in many states such as Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco, Bahia, Acre, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, and Parana.  In 2015, she moved to the United States to teach classes and promote her belly dance shows.  In 2017, she launched her book “Contemporary Belly Dance – Manual Portal do Egito” in English.  Plus, the Kindle version is for Portuguese and English. CLICK HERE

In 2018, Debora became a level 3 Reiki, this adds more energy and healing to her dance classes.  For 2019, Débora is focused on teaching online and in person classes and workshops around Brazil and USA.  

Since then, Débora has been perfecting her art with various courses, study groups, as well as national and international workshops.  In 2011, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, with the intent to understand the dynamics of the body with the movements of dance.  

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With a group of dancers guided by her same principles, Débora administers – and is also part of – a faculty dedicated to not only teaching belly dance but to also provide all the dancers with a family group dynamic and disseminate the art:  Learn, create and multiply.  Débora offers classes for all ages. Dancers are encouraged to view themselves as a Dance Group and not simply students who are passively learning the art.  A student is encouraged to embrace their studies according to their own goals: Fitness only, presentations, or a career as a belly dancing instructor. Having such goals can give a better direction on where the student will fit in best.


Portal do Egito is a school specializing in Belly Dance, but it offers other dance styles such as Tribal Belly Dance, and Bollywood among others. Classes are created focusing on the needs of each student, and mainly on the identification of the strengths and abilities that should and are motivated. Each semester instructors work on the technical development of each student and the results are published on their individual transcripts. This way, students have control over their performance and guidance for improvements to be addressed in following classes.  At the end of each semester, students will participate in presentations and meetings where their progress will be evaluated by their own peers.

Constant evolution “I am what I am because we are”. This is the philosophy that guides Débora’s life. The feeling of collectivity and involvement marks her evolution and success. Since 2008, Débora produces and participates in Portal Do Egito’s annual show along with her students and invited guests. This show is the culmination of her students’ hard work and a testimonial of Débora’s ultimate goal: Students who understand that dancing is not just a physical activity but also mindfulness and personal well-being.