For a moment, everyone there vibrated with the same energy and the magic of dance.

Everyone wanted to be there – and they were – body and soul. Some needed to go to a wedding, others had a graduation, some had a presentation at school, but they were still there for this unique moment.

The first attempt at a Flash Mob came in an unusual way from journalist Bill Wasik in Manhattan: “The idea was that the people themselves would become the show and that just by responding to a random e-mail, these people would create something.”

Portal do Egito embraced this proposal in 2012 with the first Flash Mob of the region, being the first in Brazil to take part in a flash mob with Belly Dance. Adding organization and a method to the original concept, the Dancers from Portal presented a modern and vibrant Derbake:

The choreography is, in itself, attractive. With no room for repetitions or contained motions, everyone looks for a joyful variety of twists and turns.  The choreography and organization was done by Debora Spina.


Giovana Colucci- “After the dance, a woman came to praise our performance and asked if there would be more presentations.”

Débora Natali Crispiano- “With each turn I realized that there were more people than before! Hahahaha.”

Rayssa Tenorio Cavalcanti- “I have heard several women say that they will start dancing as well because they loved it.”

Márcia Maria Borges- “While Mariana Mason and I were waiting to dance, a woman saw us with our belly dance skirts on and she said that she was excited to watch us dance because it was so beautiful!!!!”

Natalia Figueiredo- “Every moment of the song I felt the good energy overflowing there!”

Hellen Carolina Miola- “Girls, unfortunately, I could not watch in person but by looking at the video I realized that every minute there were two to three digital cameras that were taking pictures and videos of you all.”

Lenya Mamede- “Did Natalia Figueiredo lose her shoe????  No she did not … she did a ninja maneuver to take off her shoes and without stopping to dance …. hahaha … I love it …. I saw the drunk guy too… hahahahahaha.”

Andrea Marchioni- “I heard someone say, look how hard it is to dance like this, how beautiful they dance, and when Marcelo came in he was completely amazing, a man dancing that cool, beautiful!”

Cidinha Rossi- “Pay attention to Natalia trying to straighten the scarf (I do not know the correct name) that was tied around the waist … – it was going down. going down. Lol Poor girl. – lol. Kisses.”

Priscila Kubo Rosario- “Hahahhahahahaha believe me that the drunk guy came to greet me later! Congratulations! Hahahahaha.”

Jéssica Aline Chiavegato- “Natalia’s scarf was coming down, and my dress was going up, it was crazy haha.”

Tha De- “People danced along with us, trying to make the same moves, unconsciously or not…”

Aline Edwiges- “Your dress getting blown up from the wind is nothing compared to the button of your pants that flew off haha.”

Tyele Pelissoli- “The time that I went to enter the alley of the dance it opened a passage … it was awesome!!!!”

Besides the reaction of the people, every smile, every expression of surprise, was the manifestation of the whole group, and EVERYTHING was special.

A single word could never describe it properly.

Contagious, maybe it’s just one of them.

Whoever was in the center of the city of Jundiaí, definitely saw something happen.

And to Portal do Egito, thank you.

“I am who I am because we are.”


These are some of the pictures of the Flash Mobs that we have been producing since 2012: