How can you live a better life!?  VIDEOS COMING SOON

     Have you questioned yourself about it? Have you taken the time to analyze what is going on in your life, and to figure out what you can do to improve your life?
    Here you can check out 21 videos with tips and thoughts about how to change your actions, thoughts, and energy.  The goal is to improve your lifestyle progressively.

    These videos are about my own life experience. This project is my new way of improving my English (2 years ago I couldn’t speak more than 3 sentences Lol) and the ability to do an impromptu speech without rehearsing  (I’m looking for constructive feedback by the way). I hope you enjoy my videos and that my tips will help to make your life better!

Subtitles: Portuguese and English!

1 –  Do Not Worry;

2- Make Someone Smile

3- Be Grateful

4- Visualization Board

5- Don’t Wait to Be Happy

6- Respect

7- Love Yourself

8- Let it Go

9- Take Risks

10- Watch your Words


11- Don’t Keep Things

12- Be Yourself

13- Be Patient

14- Bad Habits

15- Good Habits

16- Social Media

17- Being Busy

18- Write Your Ideas

19- Never Give Up

20- The Energy Around you

21-Be Better



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